Workshops for professionals

In the period October – November 2021 three workshops within the project ”Promote Respect and Tolerance” were carried out in Greece, Italy and Portugal. They were organised respectively by the project partners KEAN,  USMA and Rosto Solidario.

The forums gathered together  professionals, working with children in different  areas – teachers, coaches, psychologists, social workers, local authorities in the three partner countries.  Through discussions, case studies and role-paying the participants had the opportunity to think about gender issues and improve their understanding of Gender-based violence and stereotypes.   Ways for improving the cooperation between the relevant institutions in cases of Gender-based violence were discussed.

The professionals were also acquainted with the Programme „Respect and Tolerance” for working with young people.  The programme was well accepted by the participants, they  shared that in their opinion it will be useful for the children they work with and many of them declared readiness to apply it in their institutions.