Workshop for professionals in Bulgaria

On 2 July 2021 Opportunity and Protection Association organized a Workshop for professionals within the project “Promote Respect and Tolerance – Prospect” in Haskovo.

The aim of the forum was to raise the awareness of professionals working with children about gender-based violence, to present the programme for working with young people, developed under the project and to build a supportive environment for its implementation.

30 professionals from the educational system, social services and local authorities from Haskovo region took part in the event.

At the beginning Malina Slavova, chairman of Opportunity and Protection Association welcomed the participants and acquainted them with the project activities and expected results.

During the first part of the Woprkshop an emphasis was put on the topic Gender-based violence. The participants took part in discussions and group activities for introducing the concept, raising the awareness of the professionals about the phenomenon and overcoming gender stereotypes and prejudice.           

In the second part the trainers presented the web application and the content and structure of the Programme “Respect and Tolerance” which is directed to young people at the age of 13-18 years and its aim is to empower them to build healthy and equal relationships. The programme caused great interest among the participants. Many of them shared that they would like to apply it in their work and declared willingness to take part in the forthcoming training of trainers within the project.