Trainers in Bulgaria were trained to work with young people

15 professionals took part in the Training of trainers, within the project, which was held in Haskovo on 21 -22 July 2021.  

The aim of the event was to prepare specialists to deliver the Programme „Respect and Tolerance” to young people. Headmsters and teachers from the schools where the programme will be applied took part in the training.

The trainers were Yanka Nikolova and Iliana Toteva from Opportunity and Protection Association.

During the first day of the forum the focus was on gender-based and adolescence dating violence with the aim of raising professionals’ awareness of the topic. The participants discussed different themes such as forms, causes and consequences of GBV and ADV, why it is important to talk to the young people on the topic, gender stereotypes and societal norms related to gender.

The second day was dedicated to the Programme „Respect and Tolerance”, developed in the frames of the project. Yanka Nikolova and Iliana Toteva presented the structure and content of the training sessions. The attendees had the opportunity to participate in the exercises and games included in the methodology and to get acquianted in details with the activities and the method of work. Yanka and Iliana, as experts with long experience as trainers,  also gave them useful tips for organization and implementation of the course.

The implementation of  the programme „Respect and Tolerance” will start in September and 100 children from schools in Haskovo region will be involved.