Second coordination meeting

On 14 and 15 September 2021, in Athens, the second coordination meeting of the project “Promote Respect and Tolerance – Prospect” was held. The objective of the event was to report on the progress of the project in each country, to discuss the training materials for children and the tools for impact assessment of the project activities.
At the beginning of the meeting the representatives of the partner organizations presented the activities they have implemented so far. All project partners have carried out the necessary preparatory actions for the further project implementation.
The content of the online and offline resources for training of young people, developed within the frames of the project, was discussed. The Handbook for trainers of the Programme “Respect and Tolerance” is uploaded on the project website for free use by practitioners.
The focus of the meeting was put on the evaluation of the activities with professionals and children. The methodology, the participants in this process and the instruments for data collection were reviewed in details.
At the end of the meeting a schedule of upcoming project activities was drawn up and specific tasks were distributed among the partners.