70 trainers were trained to apply the Programme „Respect and Tolerance”

5 Trainings of trainers of the Programme „Respect and Tolerance” were organised in the partner countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

As a whole 70 professionals – teachers, coaches, psychologists, social workers – were involved.

The trainings were conducted following the methodology, developed within the project and their aim was to raise profgessionals’ awareness of the topic of Gender-based violence and equip them with skills to apply the  Programme „Respect and Tolerance”  with adolescents.

The Programme „Respect and Tolerance” contains three sessions for young people. Through  their participation the children will acquire skills to distinguish healthy from unhealthy relationships; to evaluate their own relationships; to notice signs showing when a relationship becomes abusive and to seek support in situations of gender-based violence.

Till the end of the project 500 children from the five partner countries will take part in the training.